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Elisabeth Weinstein

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Elisabeth began writing grants for charter schools in Baltimore City over 20 years ago. She specializes in grants for education and enrichment programs that enhance the lives of children and local communities. Elisabeth holds a Masters of Arts in Teaching Special Education and a Post Bachelorette degree in Educational Leadership.

Prior to writing grants full time, she enjoyed a career as a School Principal and before that a Special Education Teacher. Her passion for enriching the lives of children and communities comes across as she writes grants for funding opportunities to help nonprofits whose missions are to better the lives of others. Her educational background and knowledge regarding the grant writing process have enabled her to secure over $30 million dollars in grant funding.

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Customer Reviews


I highly recommend Winning Grant Writing to any organization seeking a grant writer. I love working with Elisabeth and appreciate her knowledge and attention to detail. There hasn’t been a challenge to which she either didn’t have the answer or wasn’t willing to find the solution. Her energy is always pleasant and she does a great job researching to help us increase our chances of successfully securing our targeted grants.
Emanuel Jackson
Emanuel Jackson
I am currently an employee at Winning Grant Writing and I can not say enough of what a wonderful experience it has been. It is an honor to work on grant funding for our clientele, knowing the tireless efforts they put in to help their communities. Elisabeth is a pleasure to work for, and it's a wonderful thing to get to witness how above and beyond she goes for her clients.
Farrell Rozinsky
Farrell Rozinsky
Ms. Weinstein is a gifted and highly intelligent professional. Her grant writing skills are stellar. I highly recommend bringing her onto your team! She is an asset to all companies she contracts with.
Lissi Seneway
Lissi Seneway